High performances TSN IP cores by Safe Connect Systems

Safe Connect Systems has been developing a set of TSN IPs for the design of complete high performance high reliable TSN critical applications. All TSN IP Cores by Safe Connect Systems support the following TSN features

TSN Features

During 2020 we have introduced three first products in the market  :

  • Scalable up to 24 ports Full determinisitic TSN switch
  • Full deterministic Switched end system for IOs 
  • Full deterministic Switched end system for IOs & CPU

To get more details about these products, each product sheet can be :

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Second Row > Right Image

Undisputed advantages of TSN technology by SCS

Safe Connect Systems (SCS) IP Cores allow to design full deterministic TSN critical applications with a full range of undisputed assets.

TSN stack full hardware powerful implementation reaches undisputed Performances in several areas : Node synchronization accuracy, Switch traversal time, Ultra-Low Latency and Effective Bandwidth allocation.

This implementation simplifies End User system design and reduces drastically development and recurring costs:
o Very Easy, flexible and reliable Hardware interfacing
o Very easy application integration
o Functionally Extensible with end user HDL application code
o Entirely Customizable: ports, memory, routing table
o Strong level of integration with smart sensors or actuators

This implementation of the TSN Stack :

  • is fully deterministic
  • Supports any TSN scheduler
  • Provides deterministic best (BCCT) and worst (WCCT) case communication time
  • Provides a very short time gap between BCCT and WCCT
  • Makes simple the demonstration of qualification for safety critical applications
  • Due to its very small Footprint the IP Core can be onboarded on a large range of chips.
  • Several internal powerful mechanisms warranty maximum security against intrusion.
  • A set of additional value-added services over TSN that are simply accessible for the end user in order to reduce drastically the development of critical applications. These services reduce also drastically the recurring cost by minimizing the additional hardware required to monitor the critical system.