SCS Live


24 September 2019

Digital infrastructures (networks, cloud) and connected objects are the basement of many vertical applications in transport, industry, health, smart city, environment, energy, education, safety of people ... During the IdeO workshop, representatives of vertical applications will be able to express their needs to stakeholders providing solutions for connected objects, connectivity infrastructure, processing and related services. The workshop will address both long-term needs requiring the mobilization of academic research and short-term needs that can be solved by commercial technology offerings.

Inside the overall program SMEs will have the opportunity to present their offer to integrators and vertical users inside a so called SME Session between 11:55 and 14h. Safe Connect Systems will first present in plenary a 2 min long elevator pitch during the slot from 11:55 to 12:25. Then between 12:25 and 14:00 Safe Connect Systems will be present on its booth to answer any question from the audience.


  • 27 May 2018 Industrial machines technical Challenges for Ethernet

    Beyond the benefits of simpler system integration, validation, and maintenance, there is increased value and urgency to eliminate the layers and barriers of traditional machine design. Today system designers are investing to incorporate IIoT concepts into their systems to increase productivity, increase up time and improve other key performance indicators.

  • 29 May 2018 What is IIoT?

    You’ve probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) but what is it? In simple terms, IoT is a way to connect many devices or sensors together using Internet commonly known as the Cloud. Internet-of-things covers everything under the sun including consumer products such as smart watches and other wearables.

  • 1 June 2018 We are proud to launch our web site

    After several weeks of hard work and dedication, Safe Connect Systems is proud to announce the launch of our first website on June 1, 2018. This website launching coincides with an important milestone of our development roadmap because our technology is now mature enough to be pushed on the market.