Our technology is embeddable in the chip of any connected device.

Safe Connect Systems technology consists of a library of elementary modules which, when assembled, form a composite program which is then introduced into the programmable chip (FPGA ) of any component of a system (sensor/motor drive/actuator/any terminal device) allowing it to locally manage intelligent connectivity functions in addition to its business functions.

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To use SCS technology consists in:

  • Defining the targeted system architecture: point to point, decentralized architecture, ring, tree, star or any combination of the latter,
  • Choosing the most suitable modules in our library of IP Cores according to the needs of the application,
  • Assembling them,
  • Introducing them in the programmable chip located in the device

In order to implement SCS technology in customer’s system, SCS provides the client with a set of simulation and test tools that are needed for module implementation in the connected device. 

 The implementation tool box includes:

  • A graphical editor for Data definition and Architecture definition
  • An System Generator (final parameterization of operational system)
  • A collection of real time test means

Due to its optimized footprint SCS technology is ready to be on boarded in a very large number of chips that open the spectrum of uses by customers. Some examples of FPGAs that can be used in customer’s system :

  •  Industrial: Cyclone, Arria, Stratix, …
  • Microsemi for Embedded: Igloo2, RTG4, PolarFire, …
  • Industrial use: Spartan, Virtex, Kintex, …
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