EtherFly technology is embeddable in the chip of any connected device.

The EtherFly® technology consists of a library of elementary modules which, when assembled, form a composite program which is then introduced into the programmable chip (FPGA ) of any component of a system (sensor/motor drive/actuator/any terminal device) allowing it to locally manage intelligent connectivity functions in addition to its business functions.

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To use EtherFly® technology consists in:

  • Defining the targeted system architecture: point to point, decentralized architecture, ring, tree, star or any combination of the latter,
  • Choosing the most suitable modules in EtherFly library according to the needs of the application,
  • Assembling them,
  • Introducing them in the programmable chip located in the device

In order to implement EtherFly in customer’s system, SCS provides the client with a set of simulation and test tools that are needed for module implementation in the connected device. 

 The implementation tool box includes:
• A graphical editor for:

• Data definition at application level
• Architecture definition: physical topology and applications location Frames edition
• An EtherFly System Generator (final parameterization of operational system)
• A collection of real time test means so that EtherFly protocol can be tested at 10, 100, 1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps and tools for post analysis:

• EtherSpy checks that the frames comply with Ethernet standards and EtherFly standard
• Raise an error in real time when a checksum or CRC fault occurs
• Record files according to the PCAP (Packet Capture) standard which makes it possible to exploit the data in post analysis by third party tools like Wireshark or tools developed by the users
• Replay captured files
• Export captured files to Excel spreadsheets for post treatment

Due to its optimized footprint EtherFly is ready to be on boarded in a very large number of chips that open the spectrum of uses by customers.

Some examples of FPGAs that can be used with EtherFly® are:

• Industrial: Cyclone, Arria, Stratix, …
• Microsemi for Embedded: Igloo2, RTG4, PolarFire, …
• Industrial use: Spartan, Virtex, Kintex, …

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