Improving the performances of the connectivity in Factory automation

Improving the performances of machines equipped with electrical motors and making the connectivity in Manufacturing faster, safer and more secure.

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Machines, systems and products exchange information with each other and with the outside world. Optimizing the production tool allow to produce faster, better, cheaper and more ecologically. Improving the performances of the connectivity improve the productivity and minimize human risks.

In addition, with the emergence of individual electric motors within the industry, productivity stakes that appear today consist in managing efficiently motors electric drives that are working together in a distributed architecture.

Complex machines such as textile machines or printing machines are large equipment that uses very high mechanical torques. Long shafts, such as belt drives, disappear in favor of individual electric motors: each function, thus equipped with its electric motor, becomes independent of the others.

• In the manufacturing of large structural parts, as in aeronautics, the focus is on the movement speeds and accelerations of the motors.

Molders and toolmakers that machine complex shapes rely on the high speed of rotation of the tool to limit the resistance to cutting. They are attentive to the precision in the tracking of the programmed profile by the numerical control and the working speeds.

In large-scale machining, such as in the automotive industry, users want an "agile" machining center. This means that it must be capable of machining at high speed and move very quickly from one operation to another.

Electric drive systems are also capable of moving robots with high power or speed.

• Quality of motors synchronization will also allow:
- In printing to get higher speed means higher printing quality o In packaging, increase the accuracy and the reproducibility
- In laser cutting to get more accurate results

What are the main benefits provided by EtherFly?

•It significantly increases the Productivity through an undisputed level of performance

- Low latency < 50 µs
- Accuracy of synchronization = 9ns at 1Gbps, 50 ns at 100Mbps
- Throughput of data processing up to 10 Gbps+
- 100% hardware design allows handling High Volumes of data;
- EtherFly technology provides strong effective bandwidth performance (superior to 70%)

• Through its flexible topology, it allows use of the most suitable network architecture in any situation

• It is an open technology that secures customers because it's not dependent on any particular provider.

• EtherFly is interoperable
- Compatibility with various Ethernet communication standards: Ethernet (TCP/UDP-IP), PTP, …
- Capability to communicate with others networks as well as CAN, MVB, …
- Capability to handle any type of Input and output (analogic, discrete, pwm , …)

• High level of cyber-security

• Optimized Footprint increases possibilities to be on boarded in a very large number of chips that open the spectrum of  its customers.

Some examples of FPGAs that can be used with EtherFly® are:
- Intel for industrial: Cyclone, Arria, Stratix, …
- Microsemi for Embedded: Igloo2, RTG4, PolarFire, …
- Xilinx for industrial use: Spartan, Virtex, Kintex, …

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