Added-value EtherFly services

On top of TSN implementation, Safe Connect Systems provides very powerful added-value services that are called EtherFly services.

These services are optional depending on the needs of the application designer. This set of services allow the application designer to develop very easily its targeted control command application and to reach undisputed level of performances. All these services are simply accessible for end user applications

These services can be introduced in three main blocks:

  1. A set of QoS Oriented Services (Health Monitoring, Hardware based Redundancy, Synchronization, Initialization)
    • Drastically reduce the cost of designing safety critical systems in design phase
      1. Resident monitoring functions
      2. Native seamless redundancy
    • Drastically reduce the recurrent cost minimizing the additional hardware required to monitor the system
    • All this set if QoS oriented services are simply accessible for end user applications
  2. Security based services
    • Segregation of communication flow at hardware level
    • Isolation/Specialization of ports
    • Secure configuration (cannot be modified)
    • On fly security monitoring (detection on non-expected communications).
  3. Hardware Virtualization services
    • Reduce the application complexity (process activation, data acquisition, data conditioning, data production may be handled by the system)
    • Provide process isolation
    • Provide Integrated soft-core isolation
    • Provide CPU isolation
    • Easy to be implemented