SCS provides a leading edge technology called EtherFly that interconnects machines, systems and sub-systems at OSI Layer 7 level to make them communicate faster, safer and more secure.


EtherFly replaces any traditional cables by a standard Ethernet connectivity.

  • In any Vehicle, weight is reduced which means energy consumption savings,
  • Whether in vehicles or in factories

    • Architecture is simplified which means cost savings in design, management and maintenance
    • Architecture is scalable which means that systems and machines become flexible and capable to evolve
    • Architecture is naturally interoperable with IIoT

  • EtherFly provides undisputed performances that allow Clients to reconsider the way they design their own products, machines and systems and cause a leap in productivity.

  • EtherFly provides the highest level of safety that allows onboard EtherFly to empower the most critical systems.

  • EtherFly provides the highest level of resilience that guaranty service continuity, highest availability and maintainability.

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