Increase Electrical Power Modular Control

Electrical Power Modular Control optimizes power device usage and energy consumption 

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A new way to command an electrical engine, instead of tailored complex and costly electronics, is by connecting the power bridges modules directly to the network. This drastically reduces the complexity of the drive modules, reduces the number of cables and increases the number of power bridges modules and the power efficiency.

This use case can be applied to any power device:

  • Electrical motors;
  • Electrical power sources such as battery or super-capacity packs;
  • Power switching devices. 

What are the main benefits provided by EtherFly?

• A better management of the power device that optimizes power consumption
• Simplify drastically internal electronics of the power device
• Overall harness is simplified, weight is reduced
- And therefore equipment cost
- And therefore vehicle power consumption will be improved
• Power device is more available and resilient which contributes to economic gain as well
• Design of Electronics is costless thanks to the use of off-the-shelf modules answer at once
- For instance, a 100 KW transistor is multi-source, economic and widely diffused
- A 1MW transistor is very rare and has to be designed on case by case
• Maintenance is simplified
• The power device can be connected to IIoT

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