Backbone for reliable distributed architectures

The backbone may not only run industrial applications but may also be a convergence of commercial, entertainment and industrial applications; all these applications share a common infrastructure with due consideration for Quality of Services (QoS), bandwidth, latency, security and high performance in automation applications.

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This type of backbone is easily scalable because new layers of devices can be added with no troubles.

Intelligent distributed backbone allows simple administration and management of the network due to its segregation.

This application domain may be divided into the following application subdomains:

• Backbone for Vehicles:
- Backbone Network for Autonomous Vehicles, cars, busses and trucks
- Backbone Network for Naval Platforms
- Backbone Network for Aircraft Platforms
- Backbone for Intelligent Factories

• Railways signaling system
• Power networks production and distribution

What are the main benefits provided by EtherFly?

  • Interoperability

    • As the backbone network infrastructure is the convergence of all the sub-networks, it handles various class of traffic like safety-critical data, non safety-critical, real-time constrained data as well as standard Ethernet messages.
    • It supports various physical layer (copper, optical, fiber, …)
    • It finally provides gateways to existing networks

  • Highly Scalable Bandwidth

    •  While a 100 Mbps network will generally be enough for a network of 10 to 15, a large-scale surveillance network with more than 30 cameras will likely require a gigabit backbone for video transmission.
    • Industrial connectivity must be capable of gigabit speeds to prevent network congestion and provide optional fiber interfaces to allow long-distance data transmission from field sites back to the control room.

  • High level of Availability and resilience

    •  For corporate offices, a few seconds of network delay recovery is acceptable.
    • But in an industrial control network, one second of network interruption can severely impact production process and also jeopardize the safety of onsite personnel. 
    • As applications are aggregated across the network, network redundancy becomes even more critical in ensuring network resilience. • Network must also provide Hot-Replacement availability, allowing recovery from a degraded state to a fully functional state without having to shutdown the network traffic.

  • For Vehicle and Railways Applications, Backbone Network infrastructure must be fail-safe and offer the highest safety level.
  • Security to Protect Highly-Critical Systems

    • With IIoT Industrial systems are no more isolated and their integration with information technology data networks will undoubtedly present inherent network risks and vulnerabilities.
    • Therefore, Backbone network infrastructure must provide an efficient way to segregate the different information flow one from another. Physical segregation allows the expected level of security.
    • EtherFly is a 100% Hardware solution because Software based solution will never be secure enough to offer the required security level for highly critical systems.


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