About Safe Connect Systems

Safe Connect Systems (SCS) provides all Industries with a set of powerful and disruptive network technologies that enlarges Ethernet capabilities in terms of speed, safety and security for real time determinsitic applications whether in vehicles or in factories.


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SCS propose three families of solutions:


SCS technologies and solutions combine the following key assets: 

  • Accuracy of synchronization = 9ns at 1Gbps, 50 ns at 100Mbps; 
  • Throughput of data processing up to 10 Gbps+; 
  • 100% hardware design allows handling High Volumes of data;
  • strong effective bandwidth performance (superior to 70%).
  • Undisputed level of network availability of 10-9; 
  • Compliance with the most constraining certification level so that DAL A (aeronautics), SIL4 (Railways), … can be achieved.
  • Modular design approach that reduces design time.
  • interoperable to comply with various Ethernet communication standards,  others networks and can handle any type of Input and output 
  • Pure Hardware design to fight external aggressions of malicious entities.
  • Optimized Footprint to be on boarded in a very large number of chips 
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I am delighted to run this adventure in the middle of so many talented people as clients, partners, fellows and staff. We are convinced that SCS technology is an outstanding asset to overcome exciting challenges of the next future of Ethernet in vehicles and in factories. We strongly believe that our technologies can become an important corner stone for much more efficient architectures leading to important improvements of safety and efficiency.