• Building a Fast, Safe and Secure Connected World
  • Increase power efficiency and safety in vehicles
  • Increased productivity and safety for industrial machines
  • High performance backbone architectures for mobility solutions
  • The right architectural solution for new autonomous vehicles
  • High performance backbone architectures for factories
  • Safe Connect Systems present

    EtherFly is a leading edge technology that enables high performance and reliable Ethernet-type distributed architectures to increase efficiency and safety in factories and vehicles.

    SCS’s technology

    Safe Connect Systems created EtherFly a disruptive networking that is fast, safe and secure.

    At the Heart of Industry 4.0

    EtherFly allows increased efficiency and safety in factories and in vehicles by providing significant improvements in network performances and distributed connectivity.

    4 main industrial applications

    • Electrical Power Modular Control
    • Distributed sensors and actuators
    • Backbones for reliable distributed architecture
    • Distributed Engine Control

    4 market segments

    • Aeronautics
    • Automotive
    • Railways
    • Manufacturing

    EtherFly Key Benefits

    EtherFly Advantages

    Latest News

    • 1 April 2019 Safe Connect Systems awarded by DT4G in Graz

      25-03-2019 : Safe Connect Systems was awarded by DeepTech4Good in the category of Industry 4.0 as a promising european Deep tech start-up....

    • 1 June 2018 We are proud to launch our web site

      After several weeks of hard work and dedication, Safe Connect Systems is proud to announce the launch of our first website on June 1, 2018. This website launching coincides with an important milestone of our development roadmap because our technology is now mature enough...

    • 29 May 2018 What is IIoT?

      You’ve probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) but what is it? In simple terms, IoT is a way to connect many devices or sensors together using Internet commonly known as the Cloud. Internet-of-things covers everything...

    In Service in Four Market Segments

    • Aeronautics

      The trend of a more electric aircraft is very promising for EtherFly that can be applied to a large variety of use cases:
      • Power Modular Control command
      • Power train management
      • Any avionic system with distributed motors drives
      • Backbone of the aircraft

    • Automotive

      EtherFly can improve several families of high demanding applications:
      • Chassis management
      • Power train management
      • Backbone of the car

    • Railways

      We identify numerous use cases for EtherFly in the field, some of which are:
      • Power train management
      • Electrical Power distribution
      • On-train control applications
      • Control and integration of higher bandwidth devices and applications (vision, radar, infotainment, video surveillance, …)
      • Network-based signaling systems

    • Manufacturing

      Most suited applications are:
      • Electrical Power Modular Control
      • Distributed Engine Control
      • Multi axis Industrial Machines
      • Distributed Control Systems
      • Factory backbone