Safe Connect Systems technologies and solutions

Safe Connect Systems develops and promotes technologies and solutions that are dedicated to the design of high-performance distributed architectures for critical systems. Our solutions have been designed from the outset to support the strong constraints of the critical systems that are embedded in aircraft, in land vehicles, intelligent transport systems and factory automation.

Safe Connect Systems provides a complete library of TSN COTS IP Core and also a set of powerful additional services called EtherFly on top of TSN to design high performances, safe and secure control command applications.

For a general introduction at Safe Connect Systems technology please have a look at this Video


We propose three families of solutions:


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TSN IP-Cores and EtherFly added-value services  have been optimized to provide designers of critical systems with unique performances:

  • Latency and minimal loop time (some us)
  • Time synchronization accuracy between devices (some ns)
  • The ability to achieve high data rates >> 10 Gbps
  • A minimal footprint that allows today to be instantiated on small components and guaranteeing low consumption,
  • A design that can be instantiated on FPGAs but also SoCs and ASICs